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Silat Lincah:

Silat Lincah

Silat Lincah A fast Malaysian style that favors evasion with follow up sweeps, locks, chokes etc. It has a formidable reputation in Malaysia and Indonesia as a fighting style. The syllabus uses extensive stepping drills and is taught as empty hands first, though ultimately Lincah specializes in the use of the Keris dagger and Parang (machete). This system is taught to students before any others. The current Maha Guru of Lincah In Malaysia founded it in the 1960’s from another style known for its aggressive style of play. Guru Glenn Lobo learned this style initially from 5 of the most senior instructors in Lincah and then also from the Maha Guru himself, when in 1993 he became Wakil Maha Guru, and also the only personal student of the Maha guru. (There are over 1,000,000 students of Lincah in Malaysia, and Glenn was the ONLY personal student…). Glenn learned primarily from Cikgu Johari Bin Jantan. He is also the Ketua Jurulatih Kanan Europe - chief instructor for Silat Lincah Europe. In the constitution of Silat Lincah it was stated that the art could not be taught to non-Malay or non-Muslim. When he returned to Malaysia, his teachers said that if he wanted to learn more, that they had to take him to Maha Guru as he was the only one who could give him permission to learn. This he did. He also over the years changed the constitution of the Pertubohan (association) to allow the art to be taught to these other groups and to include Glenn and his students.

Instructor Glenn Lobo

Biography of Glenn Lobo:

Instructor Glenn Lobo has been practicing Silat since 1985 and Lincah since 1987, and is one of the foremost teachers in Britain. He received the highest grade available in Silat Lincah directly from the then Deputy Prime Minister, (now Prime Minister) of Malaysia in 1998 and has several other accolades.
• In 1987 he traveled to Kuala Lumpur for the 4th World Championships, where he first met his Lincah teachers.
• 1988 he went to Singapore for the Open Championships, and then stayed on to continue training in Malaysia in Lincah.
• 1989-1990 went to Malaysia, and journeyed to Sumatra with a Malaysian delegation, to the Gelanggang Sili Berganti. This was a festival in Bukit Tinggi where the Silat practitioners get together and perform. It was a rare experience to see the styles of the region perform, and also he was lucky to have a lot of this explained to him by a westerner who trained there.
• 1992 traveled to Malaysia and then Thailand for the Thai Open Championships, and later that year, to the World championships in Jakarta and then on to Malaysia where he stayed with and trained under the direct supervision of Maha Guru Silat Lincah. It was at this point that he was Appointed Wakil Maha Guru - representative to the Maha Guru, and Ketua Jurulatih Kanan Great Britain and Europe - Chief Instructor for Great Britain and Europe.
• In 1999 he received the Selendang Hitam, the highest grade in Silat Lincah from the then deputy and current Prime Minister of Malaysia Dato’ Seri Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi.

He is also an instructor of Lightning Scientific Arnis under Master Shaun Porter, and certified by the founder Mang Ben Luna Lema. Lightning is regarded as one of the hardest systems in the Philippines because of the reputation of the skills of Mang Ben.

As well as this he has been training in a couple of other styles of Silat and has been permitted to teach one form of Pukulan, Pukulan Madura as part of his overall system.


Instructor Glenn has also experience in Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun Kung Fu and he has be training with Jak Othman and Richard Debords, receiving black belts from both of them, before being taken to Malaysia and introduced to Silat Lincah.


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The Academy organized for the first time in Greece seminars of the Malaysian martial art Silat Lincah with the instructor Glenn Lobo from UK, Saturday 13 November 2010 and for second time 24-25 November 2012.

Instructor Glenn Lobo

Silat Lincah


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